On the Partible Person, the Relational Individual and the Multiplicities of Kinship – Interview with Marilyn Strathern*

“The partible person is a quite different concept than of a relational individual. I think, the relational individual is a very Euro-American concept, and the individual is at the heart of it. We see this in terms of the way kinship very much focuses on the early socialization of a child, inculcates norms -that nature-culture stuff occurring in the early stages of childhood- and then the state comes in and takes over all kinds of educational and other roles. So ‘kinship’ becomes funneled into conjugal relations that are also kept very narrow… Read More

The Economization of Life – Interview with Michelle Murphy*

 “Neoliberalism is profoundly a feminist issue…because we can understand historically how the techniques and practices of neoliberalism emerged out of the experimental intervention particularly into the lives of women.”